About Us

Rebecca Nesi was born and raised very Italian in Northern New Jersey until she quietly escaped to Boston (a winning combo of the most annoying personality types in the world). After earning her BS (lol) in Marketing Communications and minor in Health Communications, she started her career in advertising in Boston. Her very specific knowledge rests in social strategy, digital advertising and strategy, data analysis and complaining about consumer knowledge. Her yet-to-be-fruitful #sidehustle is health literacy and health/socioeconomic disparities, specifically in the inner city. She also has a borderline troubling love for true crime stories and X-Files level conspiracy theories.

Her blog posts will focus on consumer behavior (commercial and political space), generational trends, healthcare, attempts to rationalize the current state of affairs, and awesome lady content (vague on purpose, let me live).

Rebecca hopes you will find solace and hope at The Persisterhood, but also a damn good time in our catharsis.


lizzyLizzy Heurich was born in Philadelphia, yet grew up in Cary, North Carolina, the definition of suburbia.  The idea of a fun Saturday night was stealing the McDonald’s flag with her future prom date.  Lizzy ventured off to Villanova University, another definition of suburbia.  She graduated in 2013 with no honors, but a BA in Political Science, a minor in Environmental Studies, and a concentration in Peace and Justice.  Fun fact: Lizzy entered college as a Biology major, but her true passion lied with political science/communication.  When she was a senior in high school and told her mom that she wanted to major in one of those fields, her mom jokingly said that if she did that, she would end up as a blogger in a basement.  Well, she was half right.  Upon graduation, Lizzy did a year of service and worked in Campus Ministry on a college campus north of Boston.  She loved it so much that she returned down south to earn her Master’s in Education from North Carolina State University.  Lizzy graduated in 2016 and moved back to Philadelphia and now recruits for a non-profit, year of service organization.  In the 2016 presidential election, Lizzy, like many on the left, thought Hillary Rodham Clinton was going to easily make it to the Oval.  Watching the election returns on a flight to Los Angeles for a work conference, Lizzy’s heart sank.  She cried in her hotel room that night.  And I mean cried.  Harder than she has in a long, long while.  She rested on her laurels–didn’t knock on doors or try to register voters.  The 2016 election was devastating, but the silver lining was that Lizzy’s (and many other’s) excitement towards politics has been reignited.  The Persisterhood Blog is just one outlet for the rekindling of that passion.  Lizzy’s posts will focus on elections, higher education, education reform, religion, local government, and some sort of political palate cleanser (maybe books or what she is watching on Netflix?  Stay tuned).  


Wedding ChampagneMegan Huggard grew up in central New Jersey and attended college and graduate school at Villanova University, where she studied Political Science and Nonprofit Management. Through coursework, travel, and community service, she began to learn about social needs, what government should and can do, and what business can and will (or won’t) do. Where gaps exist, nonprofits step in, and that’s where her career began (after a brief stint in a local politician’s office). Also at Villanova, Meg and Lizzy met. Master’s Degree in her hand, idealism in her heart, and limited professional experience to lean on, Meg moved to Boston to complete an AmeriCorps Fellowship in social enterprise and nonprofit management with New Sector Alliance. Also in Boston, Meg and Rebecca met. In 2016, Meg got married and the couple moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where her husband attends business school. Meg now works for an education nonprofit. You can expect Meg to write about nonprofits, feminism, politics (especially local), policy, female-focused TV comedies (bonus points if it’s on NBC), and whatever she’s reading these days.



Sara Murphy grew up in Colorado, [the westernmost half of which is] the most beautiful state in America. YES she skied a lot when she was little, YES she tried snowboarding, YES it was the worst, and NO she has not continued to participate in winter activities on the east coast, where there are no actual mountains. Sara went to the University of Colorado and graduated with a double major in Political Science and International Affairs with a minor in Economics. She ended up winning the law school lottery and getting her degree from Harvard, where she (crucially, for this story) met her fiancé, Zach. He introduced her to all three of her fellow Persisters. Sara now lives in Washington, D.C. and spends much of her day dodging groups of tourists in matching t-shirts on the street. And doing some lawyer things. Sara is into screenwriting, sports, and faux-gourmet cooking.

Sara’s blog posts will focus on income inequality and welfare, social justice, mass incarceration and the criminal justice system, other legal analysis/ponderings, Supreme Court updates, nutrition, environmental concerns, and women’s issues.