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One Year Later

By Lizzy Heurich Time marches on.  Hours turn into days that turn into weeks that turn into months that turn into years.  “Time heals all wounds” they say, but wounds can’t heal if they are continually being torn open or salt is being poured into them.  I continue to feel the pain of Election Day… Continue reading One Year Later


Mass Shootings by the Numbers

By Lizzy Heurich Another day in the United States, another mass shooting.  We know how the news coverage unfolds in a situation like this: if the shooter is white, it’s not terrorism; if the shooter is a person of color, it’s terrorism; thoughts and prayers; “how could this happen here?”; and “let’s not bring politics… Continue reading Mass Shootings by the Numbers

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A Millennial Feminist Wish List

Once upon a time, Persister Lizzy texted our group thread saying, “OMG, I just remembered my dream. I am fairly positive it involved outlining all the things women want/problems we deal with to someone (maybe the Crooked Media bros) I went ham though.” Perhaps the recent six-month anniversary of the Women’s March was on her… Continue reading A Millennial Feminist Wish List