What We’re Loving

Check out some of our favorite things for October!

We all love…

  • The new Crooked.com, and would like to formally congratulate Leo Favreau and Pundit Lovett on their elevation to Chief Executive Doodle and Chairdoodle of the Board, respectively. (PS, Lovett, let Pundit’s hair grow!!)
  • The Persisterhood’s first annual summit in Boston, the greatest city in the world don’t @ me, this month. May the champagne and feminist thought flow freely.

Rebecca loves…

  • Shawn Mendes
    • Pinned forever. You see a new month, I see 31 new opportunities to love the shit out of my favorite Canadian babe.
  • May Designs Notebooks
    • I am 25 years old, but the Fall always makes me feel like its time to restart my routine and buying a new notebook/planner/school supplies gets that DONE. I love May Designs because the notebooks are endlessly customizable, soft, and super freakin cute. Check em out.
  • Big Mouth on Netflix
    • John Mulaney and Nick Kroll are two absolute treasures in this world and this show is hilariously awkward, disgusting, and full of things that will trigger terrible middle school memories. It’s fantastic.

Lizzy loves…

  • Insecure
    • You know when everyone in your life (including people you know and people on the podcasts you listen to) are telling you to check something out and you keep putting it off?  Well, that’s what I did with Insecure, and I am so mad at myself for not listening to everyone sooner.  The show follows the life of Issa Dee (played by creator, executive producer, and sometimes writer Issa Rae) as she navigates life in L.A. in her late twenties: romance, friendships, and work.  The show has been renewed for a third season (thank God).  Seasons one and two can be found on HBO/HBO Now/HBO Go.  One more thing, the soundtrack is on point.
  • The Laughing Cow Spreadable Cheese Wedges
    • If you know me at all, you know one of the most important relationships in my life is my relationship with cheese (insert Liz Lemon night cheese gif here).  For individualized cheese snacks, my old go-to was cheese sticks, but I bought the Laughing Cow Spreadable Cheese Wedges a few weeks ago, and my life has been changed.  I have only tried (as of this writing, October 4 at 11:10am) two kinds: Creamy Spicy Pepper Jack and Creamy Asiago.  Pepper jack and asiago also happen to be in my top five favorite cheeses.  Plus, each wedge is just 35 calories.  Dear cheese, I fall in love with you more and more each day.

Meg loves…

  • The Daily podcast
    • Odds that you’re reading this and don’t already have a healthy relationship with The Daily, the New York Times’ morning ~20 minute podcast? Slim. However, I’m plugging it here because 1. It’s been doing some really amazing work lately and 2. I listen to it every morning while I get ready for work and feel smarter every time I do. In 20 or so minutes, you get deep coverage of one story and a few additional headlines. I appreciate the way host Michael Barbaro always asks “how we got here” and develops the broader historical or political context for a story. Give it a listen.
  • Container herb garden
    • I live in an apartment in America’s “It City.” I also am cooking more and seeking to use more whole foods and seeking flavor outside of salt, sugar, and fat– which has led me to spend $10/week on herbs from my grocery store, which often are wilted and come in the wrong quantities. Just because I don’t have a yard of my own doesn’t mean I can’t cultivate my own plants! This weekend, I bought some pots from the Home Depot along with potting soil and starter plants for parsley, thyme, and basil. Here’s hoping my green thumb can succeed and these plants won’t be dead by the time we update this page in November!


  • Papermate Flair pens
    • I’ve been working in education for a year now and one thing that I’ve noticed about education professionals is that they have a stronger ability to make things beautiful than those in any other field. On my first day in the office, a desk neighbor handed me a pack of these pens and told me that the whole office was obsessed, and I need to guard them with my life. I rolled my eyes, tossed them in my drawer, and wrote my to-do list with a blue ballpoint pen like some sort of stiff, corporate stooge. A year later, I’m color coding my to-do lists in my planner and even ordered an auxiliary set with additional colors. Make your work more beautiful.

Image result for papermate flair pens

Sara loves…

  • The More Perfect podcast by Radiolab
    • Not like you need another podcast…there are hundreds of good ones out there. But if you are in the market for some new ear candy, I recommend More Perfect. It’s a Supreme Court podcast that explores current and past Supreme Court cases and provides new and interesting context regarding the litigants and the issues involved. This week, for instance, More Perfect dives into Fred Korematsu’s story, describes the reconciliation between the descendants of Justice Taney and Dred Scott, and explains what is at stake in the Gill v. Whitford case that was argued on October 3rd. (If you don’t know anything about Gill please give that episode a listen — it’s one of the most important cases in at least the last decade)
  • The NYT Crossword
    • Zach and I started doing the NYT Crossword every day (we have a 65 day streak) and I love it. Here’s why: 1) puzzles keep your brain active; 2) I always learn something new; and 3) it gives us an activity we can do together even if we aren’t together (there’s an app you can download). It’s worth the subscription fee, I promise.